UK tops EU table for drug abuse

Drug abuse in Britain continues to be the highest in Europe for the fifth consecutive year.

Remaining ahead of 27 European countries, a report has shown that young people in the UK are more likely to use cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamine than counterparts on the continent.

The research, by the European Union’s drug agency, shows shocking statistics including higher drugs related deaths than any major EU nation.

Figures show that one in twenty schoolchildren aged 15 and 16 have used cocaine. This is the highest proportion in Europe.

Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve describes the figures as “disturbing”, saying “the Government’s failure is betraying a whole generation of young people”.

The report suggests that a large number of young Briton’s who in the past would have used amphetamines are now converting to cocaine.

Figures for cocaine use have positioned the UK on par with the USA and ahead of countries renowned for high cocaine consumption, such as Australia and Spain.

Mr Grieve says: “This report confirms Britain’s status as the cocaine capital of Europe”, commenting that “this is due to Labour’s chaotic, confused and staggeringly complacent approach to drugs”.

“Drugs wreck lives, destroy communities and fuel crime – the fact Labour do not recognise this make them part of the problem, not the solution”.