Trans activist ‘bullies’ get concerned parents’ fundraising page closed

*Update: Since the story was published, the fundraising page has been re-instated.*

A parents group has had a fundraising page suspended after pro-trans activists complained about one of its resources.

Transgender Trend, which challenges transsexual propaganda, says a “bullying” campaign led to the closure of the Crowdfunder page.

Before it was shut down, the group had raised almost half of its £10,000 target. Crowdfunder is a website that allows organisations and projects to be financed through online donations.

Concerned parents

Transgender Trend describe themselves as a group of parents “who are concerned about the current trend to diagnose ‘gender non-conforming’ children as transgender”.

The organisation includes members with “expertise in child development and psychology, some who were themselves extreme gender non-conforming children and adolescents”.

But pro-trans campaigners claim the group’s resource pack for schools was “transphobic”.

Kindness not affirmation

The resource pack states that all transsexual pupils “have the same rights as all children to learn while feeling safe and to be free from bullying, harassment and discrimination” and should be treated with “kind acceptance”.

But it warns against “affirming” and “celebrating” transgender pupils who may later change their minds and revert back to their birth sex.

It says teenagers are at risk of “social contagion” from celebrities who “glamourise medical transition”.


Susie Green, the CEO of transgender charity Mermaids, claimed the information was “made to damage the rights of transgender young people”.

Green previously complained of ‘hate speech’ when a stay-at-home mum of four referred to ‘male to female’ trans surgery as castration on Twitter.

However, Stephanie Davies-Arai, of Transgender Trend, said the resource pack was measured, careful and evidence-based.

“Attacking our fundraising and telling lies about us is part of a concerted campaign by trans activists to silence anyone who disagrees that children should be rushed into life-changing, even surgical interventions at a harmfully early age.”

Transsexual challenge

Last month, the Government announced it will launch a consultation on removing safeguards in the Gender Recognition Act in the coming weeks.

The proposed changes are likely to include making it easier to change legal sex by allowing people to ‘self-identify’ their gender.

While the Government continues to push liberalisation, some transsexual people are against changing the law.

In a letter to the Guardian, 17 transsexuals said they were “deeply concerned” about proposals to remove safeguards.

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