Police interrogate mum-of-four for tweets critical of trans teen surgery

A stay-at-home mum of four was interrogated by the police for referring to ‘male to female’ trans surgery as castration on Twitter.

Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull was reported to the police in July 2017 by Susie Green, the CEO of transgender charity Mermaids, who took her son to Thailand for the surgery.

However, West Yorkshire Police only took action in February, shortly after undergoing training from Green’s organisation.


In July last year, the mother criticised a pro-trans campaign by Magnum Ice Cream, which donated all the proceeds from a pop-up shop at a London LGBT event to Mermaids UK.

Tweeting the company, she said: “Dear @MagnumIceCream you do know the CEO of Mermaids took her son to Thailand at 16 to be castrated right? Transing kids is abuse”.

The tweet was one of eight reported to West Yorkshire Police by Green.

In the UK, sex-reassignment surgery is limited to over-18s, and so for his 16th birthday, Susie Green took her son for the major surgery abroad.

Police training

Keen-Minshull finds it ludicrous she is being investigated by the police, saying: “I am not part of a grooming gang or paedophile ring, I haven’t hurt anyone or abused anyone. I am a woman with an opinion.”

West Yorkshire police underwent a training session led by Mermaids in January this year on transgenderism.

They then informed Keen-Minshull about the complaint and told her if she refused to be interviewed she would be arrested.

Her case was referred to the Crown Prosecution Service, which is yet to determine whether any charges will be brought against her.


Keen-Minshull said: “I will not kowtow to an ideology that demands I cannot speak the truth. I will not be compelled to say a man is a woman, or that sterilising children is okay”.

She later added: “As far as the transgender ideology stretches I believe it is one of complete submission. Those that even raise questions are silenced with threats and accusations of bigotry.”

“We all have the capacity to be offended and offensive. We have to decide whether we want to criminalise this offence.”

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