Tory MPs fear ‘rushed’ conversion therapy ban puts parents and teachers at risk

A group of 30 Conservative MPs have warned the Prime Minister against rushing legislation to ban so-called conversion therapy.

In a letter seen by The Daily Telegraph, they voiced ‘deep concern’ that the proposals could criminalise parents and teachers who seek to help children confused about their gender.

The newspaper reports that the letter has been signed by several long-serving Tories, including the previous First Secretary of State Damien Green, former whip Sir Robert Syms, and the former Minister of Health, Jackie Doyle-Price.


Warning against rushing through a law because of pressure from activists, the signatories noted that the Government’s desire to deliver “a draft bill for Spring 2022” seemed incompatible with its stated aim that the consultation process should mark only the “start” of its “formal public engagement”.

there are severe risks and consequences for children, parents, teachers

It added: “We should be listening and learning from each other as we legislate in this sensitive area, not rushing things onto the statute books”.

The MPs also said: “Much can be gained if we have more debate and scrutiny, but there are severe risks and consequences for children, parents, teachers and therapists if we give in to calls to rush legislation and truncate consideration of these issues.”


Last week, the Association of Christian Teachers (ACT) wrote to the Education Secretary warning that current plans may leave teachers and school counsellors exposed to criminal prosecution if they engage in conversations with children who are confused about their identity and sexuality.

ACT said it should not be a criminal offence for education professionals to express the view “that God made humans male and female, in his image, and has reserved sex for the marriage of one man and one woman”.

The Government’s consultation on a proposed conversion therapy ban has been extended until 4 February 2022.

If you haven’t yet responded to the consultation, please do so using this simple guide. This video guide also has more background and advice to help you.

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