Al Mohler: Rising spectre of ‘conversion therapy’ bans threatens Gospel freedom

‘Conversion therapy’ bans have set LGBT theology on an unavoidable collision course with biblical Christianity, Dr Albert Mohler has said.

In his first daily news briefing of 2022, the respected evangelical leader said Christians should make it their “top priority” to combat such “legislative movements” for the sake of religious freedom.

His ominous warning comes as a new law outlawing the so-called therapy is set to be introduced in Canada, and similar bans are under consideration in the UK and Ireland.

‘New morality’

Dr Mohler said the governing ideology behind such moves contradicted the Bible’s teaching that God “made us male and female and he gave us the unalterable rules of human sexual behaviour and conduct.”

restricting the liberty of the pulpit in Christian churches

Consequently, he said, LGBT activists are not simply calling for a change in the law on a single issue, but also seeking to “criminalise and sanction and make illegal any confrontation on biblical terms of their own new morality”.

These Bills, he argued, could have the effect of “restricting the liberty of the pulpit in Christian churches” and may even result in “outlawing certain kinds of conversations between parents and children”.

Gospel outlawed

Dr Mohler applauded evangelical Christians in Canada and the UK for “pressing back and saying they see this for exactly what it is; a threat to the freedom of their own pulpits, to the freedom of their own churches to stand on biblical truth”.

But, he concluded: “If the government can tell you it is illegal to teach biblical truth on the issue of human sexuality, the array of LGBT issues, understand two things.

“Number one, it won’t stop with LGBT and understand, eventually it means the criminalisation of whatever Christian speech is no longer politically attractive. And that eventually will mean everything that is revealed in scripture, most essentially, the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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