Tory MP to Cameron: There’s no call for same-sex marriage

A Conservative MP says he can see no desire for redefining marriage – not even among homosexuals, who already have all the legal rights of marriage in civil partnerships.

Richard Drax MP made the comments in a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron as he noted the millions of people who hold to traditional marriage.

And he cautioned that the push to redefine marriage is “disrespectful” to churchgoers who believe the institution is an important part of their faith.

No call

In the letter Mr Drax, the MP for South Dorset, said: “Many millions of people believe that ‘marriage’ can only be between a man and a woman.

“In my view, there is no call for ‘marriage’ to be redefined, not even from the gay community, which now has equal rights.”

And writing about same-sex marriage on his website, Mr Drax commented: “My advice to the Prime Minister is drop it.”


Earlier this week a poll revealed that voters are turning away from the Conservative Party because of their push for marriage to be redefined.

ComRes surveyed 2000 people and found that more than a third of disaffected Tory voters are less likely to vote for them again because of the proposed gay marriage legislations.

Of those who voted Tory in 2010 but say they may not do so next time, 36 per cent say the policy is driving them further away.


And overall, 62 per cent of voters say marriage should remain as it is – between a man and a woman.

Colin Hart, campaign director of Coalition for Marriage which is against the Government’s plans said: “This poll is the latest blow to a profoundly undemocratic plan that day by day is falling apart before our eyes.”