Tory MP calls on Govt not to weaken gender reassignment laws

A Conservative MP has urged his party not to change the law on gender reassignment, and instead champion the fact that biological sex is real and a “fundamental building block of society”.

Danny Kruger, who was formerly Boris Johnson’s political secretary, believes the politics surrounding sex and gender is “a minefield” at present, but that the Government should not be put off from clearly and compassionately asserting the truth.

He said if anyone wishes to formally assume the legal status and rights of the opposite sex, it is “a big deal, properly requiring the permission of government”.

Status quo

Kruger asserted that, despite what trans activists and groups such as Stonewall say, people should not be allowed to legally change sex simply by stating their desire and without any medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria or having lived as if a member of the opposite sex for a sustained period.

While those activists have pushed for the law to embrace ‘self-identification’, Kruger says he hopes the government “will confirm the status quo”.

He added: “They should also issue clear guidance that service providers should be allowed to establish single-sex facilities and services based on birth sex, assuming this is a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim.”

Alice in Wonderland

The MP for Devizes also said that while protecting single-sex spaces is very important: “The case for a high bar for anyone crossing the line between legal ‘man’ and legal ‘woman’ is more fundamental”, adding that the distinction between the sexes “is real”.

He said preserving this distinction is to “uphold the essential point that our society and legal order are founded on the truth as we understand it. To concede the claims of the extreme trans lobby – that sex is not fixed in biology, but simply ‘assigned’ at birth – is to sell the pass. We will be in Wonderland, or in 1984, where truth is what the people in charge decide it is.”

our society and legal order are founded on the truth as we understand it

“We are arguably already there. Lewis Carroll described a child perplexed by the antics of grownups living in an alternative reality. The Tavistock NHS Clinic, where children are told they can be the sex they want to be and given puberty-blocking hormone treatments, is our Wonderland.”

Kruger concluded that Equalities Minister Liz Truss should stand against the notion “that sex (not gender) is a social construct”, and that she should “unequivocally say what is true”.

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