Thousands of pro-lifers march to Parliament Square

Thousands marched through the centre of London to Parliament Square on Saturday, calling for an end to abortion.

Under the banner “Abortion destroys the freedom to live”, an estimated 7,000 people attended the 9th annual UK March for Life rally.

Latest Government figures for residents of England and Wales show that there were 123,219 abortions between January and June 2022.


Reflecting on her experience of being arrested for praying silently near an abortion centre, event co-director Isabel Vaughan-Spruce told the crowd: “On the second time I was arrested I was told my prayers were an offence.

abortion didn’t grant us freedom, but made us captives

“I’ll tell you what is offensive, that our country has the highest ever abortion figures”.

She added: “and the only response we see happening in our government is a clamp down on those who peacefully offer alternatives to pregnant women”.

Also speaking at the rally, Ellie – who now deeply regrets having three abortions – said: “I think I can speak for every post-abortive woman stood here today that abortion didn’t grant us freedom, but made us captives in one way or another”.

‘Social’ abortions

The number of abortions in England and Wales rose by 17 per cent in the first six months of 2022.

Between January and June 2022, almost all abortions carried out before 24 weeks were for ‘social reasons’.

Another 1,428 babies deemed to have a disability were also aborted – 120 of which took place between 24 weeks and birth.

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