Solemn witness to ‘10 million lives extinguished by abortion’

Pro-lifers met in Parliament Square last week to mark the passing of the Abortion Act 1967.

Dr Sharon James represented The Christian Institute at the event organised by March for Life UK. She paid tribute to “those who stand for life and resist the culture of death”.

For 55 years it has been legal in England, Wales and Scotland to kill an unborn child in the womb.

‘Both lives matter’

Dr James said: “Since 1967, 10 million infant lives have been extinguished in our land.

“Every abortion represents a baby’s life lost. Every abortion represents a mother’s life betrayed by a false promise. In every case, both lives matter.

“Many claim that abortion provides freedom for women. They say it’s ‘necessary health care’, even a ‘reproductive right’. Today, together, we say ‘No’ to those claims.”

‘Truth is on our side’

She continued: “The way to abortion is often paved with bitter tears. And it’s often followed by years of endless regret.

“Abortion has become the ‘choice’ that many women are expected to make. But if they are only offered one choice, that’s no choice at all.”

Dr James concluded: “Today we recommit to praying and working for the day when abortion is regarded as utterly unthinkable – a relic of a barbaric past.

“And, today, let’s encourage each other. Speak for Life. Stand for Life. And always remember: Truth is on our side!”

Grief and loss

Co-Director of March for Life UK, Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, explained: “we’re here today to make sure that this occasion doesn’t pass unmarked or unnoticed. These 10 million deserve to be noticed.

“And those millions of women who are maybe yet to find their voice and speak about what’s happened to them, they deserve to be noticed and we’re here today to be to be a voice for them as well.”

Natalia, a pro-life campaigner with Abortion Resistance, spoke movingly of her own experience. She said: “I’m here on behalf of my own son who died as a result of the abortion I had in 2020.

“But not only for all the mums and the dads, all the parents that are suffering and grieving their loss – obviously now 10 million children.”

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