Pro-life campaign witnesses over 80 babies saved as mums turn from abortion

More than 80 unborn children have been saved from abortion during the first two weeks of a pro-life campaign this Autumn, it has been reported.

40 Days for Life, which organises prayer gatherings outside abortion centres worldwide, is in the midst of its first campaign since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade in June.

During the group’s autumn campaign last year, it reported that 259 babies were saved from abortion, 48 per cent more than in 2020.

‘Chose life’

On the sixth day of 40 Days for Life’s current campaign, the leader of a prayer vigil in Florida was thanked by a passer-by for a sign the group was displaying.

When he asked how it had helped, the woman said: “I came here for an abortion today, but I decided not to have one.”

In Mexico City, 40 Days for Life reports that “between 30 and 50 women line up at 5:00 am to get free abortions” at a hospital each day.

Hospital staff have attempted to direct women away from the prayer vigil, but Lourdes Varela, Director of Latin American Campaigns, said: “Four girls accepted the help offered, saw ultrasounds, and chose life”.


Last month, it was revealed that a 14-month-old girl in America is alive and thriving after her mother ignored doctors’ advice to have her aborted.

An ultrasound at 20 weeks revealed that Katie White’s unborn baby had a build-up of fluid on the brain. Children with the condition – hydrocephalus – can have mobility and behavioural problems and may be aborted legally up to birth in the UK.

But White ignored medics’ advice and continued with the pregnancy saying: “My daughter would not be here today if I had taken that advice.”

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