Theatre Royal Bath: ‘Bring your five-year-olds to sex ed show’

Bath’s Theatre Royal is advertising a sex education show featuring nudity to audiences as young as five.

The theatre markets ‘The Family Sex Show’ as a “fun and silly performance about the painfully AWKWARD subject of sex” and “a celebration of difference, equality and liberation”.

The show will be performed in March in the Theatre Royal’s children’s auditorium before going on a national tour.


The performance is said to take “audiences through a ‘proper’ sex education done ‘properly’”, and that it “imagines a future where there is no shame”.

Included in the show is an exploration of “proper names and functions, boundaries, consent, pleasure, queerness, sex, gender and relationships through songs, movement, real life bodies and personal stories”.

It also encourages theatregoers: “Bring your parents, bring your children, friends, lovers, bring yourself.”

Explicit school activities

The Theatre Royal also boasts that the show has been created in consultation with the School Of Sexuality Education, a controversial group formerly known as Sexplain, which teaches explicit sex education in schools around the UK.

Among their activities for school children are creating genitals out of playdough and icing cupcakes in a similar fashion. The group takes a permissive stance on pornography, claiming young people should be allowed to engage with explicit content online, and that such content should not be banned.

It also teaches radical gender ideology, such as the idea that gender identity is on a spectrum and not limited to male and female, and uses the misleading phrase “sex assigned at birth”.

Contradicting ‘basic science’

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The Christian Institute’s Education Officer John Denning criticised the organisation, saying: “The School of Sexuality Education uses highly explicit materials. And they not only contradict Christian beliefs about gender and sexuality but basic science, claiming that biological sex is assigned at birth.

“They aim to ensure young people know about children’s sexual rights and empower them to challenge ‘unequal power relations’ of ‘privilege and oppression’ arising from ‘gender and sexual identities’. This could breach a school’s legal duty not to promote a political view.”

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