Asda apologises for LGBT kids’ pack parents said ‘promoted paedophilia’

Asda has apologised for promoting an LGBT education pack which parents said normalised paedophilia.

The supermarket’s George department had emailed customers with learning packs for primary and secondary aged children created by a pro-LGBT group called Diversity Role Models.

Asda had previously said that it was not responsible for the content of the packs, but Roger Burnley, the supermarket’s Chief Executive, has now said: “I would like to wholeheartedly apologise for this situation”.


In response to a complaint by Baroness Nicholson, Burnley admitted that Asda should have noticed that the material was “clearly inappropriate before the email was sent”.

He said that he is “completely aghast that we have allowed ourselves to be associated in this way” and has called for a review so that the situation does not happen again.

completely aghast that we have allowed ourselves to be associated in this way

One exercise in the primary pack told children to watch a video and to consider what would make a good slogan, giving ‘Love has no age limit’ as an example.

Suggested reading material in the secondary pack also featured a book called ‘Beyond Magenta’, which included explicit sexual references including a six-year-old boy engaging in sexual activities with other children.

All About Me

Some of the exercises which were included in the packs are promoted by the pro-LGBT organisation Educate and Celebrate, and are the same as those used in Warwickshire County Council’s recently withdrawn All About Me programme.

The Council withdrew the programme following a threat of legal action by The Christian Institute.

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