Teenage girl warns of danger of trans ‘treatments’

A 17-year-old girl has shared her traumatic experience of ‘sex swap’ hormones and surgery and why she subsequently ‘detransitioned’.

Chloe Cole was given puberty-blocking drugs at the age of 14 before going on to cross-sex hormones and undergoing a double mastectomy when she was just 15.

Speaking at a public hearing in Florida, a visibly emotional Cole said the interventions have left her not knowing if she would be able to have a child.

Unknown ramifications

Cole now realises that she “didn’t understand all of the ramifications of any of the medical decisions” she made.

She added: “Transitioning can damage your body and mind in ways that we may not fully understand.”

When asked what she would tell the public after her experience she said: “Do not transition your kids.”

“No child should have to experience what I have.”

Do not transition your kids.

Medicalisation of minors

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo thanked Cole for being “courageous enough” to share her story.

He said the state does not support such medical interventions for gender-confused minors because the “benefits are unproven, and the risks are extraordinarily high”.

The affirmation model runs an unacceptably high risk of harm.

Ladapo told Fox News it “might advance the political views of physicians involved in their care, but the data showing any benefits for the actual children is extraordinarily thin”.

He said: “The affirmation model runs an unacceptably high risk of harm.”

Problems ignored

Cole’s story motivated a 31-year-old man to share his story of detransitioning with the New York Post, after living as if a woman for nearly a decade.

At 22, struggling with addiction, Brian Wagoner saw a therapist who told him he was “really a woman trapped in a man’s body” and that all his problems were because he was transgender.

After a couple of therapy sessions, the therapist referred him to a doctor who prescribed oestrogen on his first visit.

According to Wagoner, even though the therapist knew about his addiction and severe depression she “didn’t go over any of that. It was just about hormones.”

Worse not better

He said at college, he received “a lot of praise” where he was “basically like a minor celebrity for being trans”.

But he said: “Transition made all my problems worse”. He told the newspaper that he got into even harder drugs, including heroin, after graduating from college.

Wagoner said that once he “got off drugs and got a real job” he had a “clear head” and started questioning his decisions.

’Money talks’

Wagoner blames medical professionals for glossing over the other personal crises he was experiencing.

He said: “I probably should have been put in a psychiatric hospital, not given estrogen. I just needed someone to listen to me, but this woman had me go and change my body’s chemistry and my whole life.”

According to Wagoner, there is “a lot of money to be made by doctors here. They see the dollar signs, and in the end, money talks.”

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