Staff celebrated social transitioning of child behind parents’ backs

A school that secretly championed the social transitioning of a vulnerable teenager has left the girl’s parents reeling.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Online, ‘Patricia’ and ‘Michael’ – not their real names – said that they only discovered the school’s “treachery” at an award-giving ceremony.

The girl had been nominated for an essay-writing prize, but her parents were shocked when a boy’s name was used to call her to the platform. They subsequently discovered she had become the “school’s poster child for inclusivity and diversity”.

Fear for the future

Patricia explained: “At school, she was living as a boy and no one had told us. The teachers were supporting her life-changing decision.”

Her daughter had changed her name and pronouns, Patricia said, with some staff even celebrating “our daughter’s changed identity behind our backs”.

When Patricia and her husband challenged the school, they were reportedly told: “All that mattered was the ‘child’s voice’.”

Two years on, Patricia said her 16-year-old daughter now lives as if she was a young man, adding that she can no longer go near her daughter’s school “without feeling a deep sense of fear for her future”.

Gender ideology

Elsewhere, schools across Devon and Cornwall are under fire for ignoring Government guidance on how schools should help gender-questioning children.

According to Protect and Teach, up to three-quarters of 600 equality and trans policies misrepresent equality law. An Daras Trust, which runs eight primary schools across the region, said it would agree to withhold a child’s “LGBTQ+ identity” from their parents, contrary to Department for Education draft guidance.

Last month, Merched Cymru, a women’s sex-based rights campaign group, found that Welsh schools are adopting ideologically driven policies on gender identity, including ‘affirming’ trans identities and concealing information from parents.

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