Mermaids ‘bullying’ attempts to undermine trans guidance for schools

Scandal-hit group Mermaids has been accused of “bullying” schools into ignoring Government guidance on how schools should help gender-questioning children.

In a template letter for parents of gender-confused pupils, the trans-activist group pushed schools to reverse decisions such as only using the name and pronouns associated with a child’s biological sex and urged them not to “prematurely” rely on the Department for Education’s (DfE) guidance.

The DfE guidelines explain: if a child wants to socially transition, schools should give “great weight” to parents’ views; schools must not allow pupils who say they are trans to use toilets and changing rooms of the opposite sex; teachers should use sex-based pronouns; and teachers and pupils should not be compelled to use a gender-confused child’s preferred pronouns.


Women’s Rights Network’s Heather Binning said: “We are astonished that Mermaids is trying to undermine it by drafting this letter and encouraging parents to send it to headteachers.”

Maya Forstater, Executive Director of Sex Matters, commented: “‘Mermaids’ latest campaign is a glimpse of exactly the kind of bullying that schools across the country will be subjected to unless the Department for Education brings out a model policy as part of its new guidance.”

“The schools guidance is helpful in many areas but it suggests that schools have discretion to treat some girls as boys and some boys as girls. This leaves schools open to pressure to negotiate with children and intimidation from transactivist lobby groups.”

Chest binders

Other trans activists have already come under fire for reportedly pushing teachers to follow the Stonewall “playbook”, instead of Government guidance on how schools should help gender-questioning children.

During an event co-hosted by the Trans & Non-Binary Education Network and Schools Out groups, teachers were told there would be “a lot of reasons not to follow” the DfE’s guidance even after it is finalised following public consultation.

One former primary school headteacher claimed the guidance was “transphobic” and promoted “abuse”, and teachers were told Mermaids offers “a great service” and were directed towards its resources as well as Stonewall.

Mermaids’ ‘governance and management’ is currently under investigation by the Charity Commission, after it emerged the group had been sending chest binders to girls as young as 13 without their parents’ knowledge.

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