Soul Surfer: ‘God can truly turn pain into beauty’

A Christian surfer has given thanks to God on the anniversary of a shark attack that left her with one arm.

Bethany Hamilton’s left arm was bitten off by a shark in 2003, an event which almost cost her her life.

Posting on Instagram on the anniversary of the attack, the professional surfer said she was “thankful to be alive”.


“I look back and would not change that day otherwise. God can truly turn pain into beauty. We can grow through our hard times and overcome.”

Hamilton’s website shares her journey to faith.

She grew up in a Christian home which she describes as a “huge blessing”.

God can truly turn pain into beauty.

Bethany Hamilton

Future hope

She writes: “At a young age I was introduced to what Jesus Christ has done for all of mankind.

“Through his death and resurrection on the cross, He provides the forgiveness of our sins and eternal life. This gives me hope in the future that I have as a Christian.”

Hamilton said she seeks to hold fast to the truths of the Bible.

“I take joy and am grounded in God’s promises found in His Word”.

Soul Surfer

The 27-year-old is now married, has a son named Tobias and is expecting a second child.

Hamilton wrote a book – Soul Surfer – about her experience.

The book was turned into a film of the same name starring AnnaSophia Robb and Dennis Quaid – which has won several awards.

I take joy and am grounded in God’s promises found in His Word.

Bethany Hamilton