SNP allows English to join gay marriage consultation

The Nationalist-led Scottish Government has confirmed that its consultation on gay marriage is open to anyone in England and elsewhere outwith Scotland.

Submit your response (consultation ends tomorrow).

Pro-gay marriage campaigners have been urging people outwith Scotland to respond to the consultation, which ends tomorrow.

And now the Scottish Government has publicly confirmed it will accept non-Scottish submissions.


The move has been criticised by Scotland For Marriage, a group that supports traditional marriage, and by leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien and Bishop Philip Tartaglia have today written to the First Minister Alex Salmond and the Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, seeking urgent clarifications on the matter.

In his letter, Cardinal O’Brien points to Alex Salmond’s SNP conference speech in October which said only the Scottish people should decide Scotland’s independence from the UK.


The Cardinal is asking the Scottish Government to take the same approach with the same-sex marriage issue by evaluating only submissions from Scotland.

A Scotland for Marriage spokesman said: “Clearly, the pro-gay marriage groups can’t get enough people in Scotland to back their campaign.

“That’s why they’re desperately asking metropolitan elites in London to bail them out of a consultation flop – and, shamefully, the SNP Government is allowing it.


“Whatever side of the debate you’re on, this should be a Scottish consultation for the Scottish people.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “People outwith Scotland may wish to respond and may have points to make about experience in other countries.

“However, we will ensure that the summary and analysis of the consultation responses reflect the responses received from Scotland and distinguish them as far as possible from the responses received from elsewhere.”

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