‘Sent home to die’ as a baby: Woman with Down’s makes music album

A woman born with Down’s syndrome, expected to die shortly after birth, has made an album with her brother 55 years on.

Jane Brennan was born prematurely. Her weight dropped below 4 pounds shortly after birth, and doctors “sent her home to die”.

Jane is now taking part in her brother Ian’s project to make an album of musical contributions from individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities.


After a difficult start to life, Jane has “thrived” and has surprised her brother with her talent.

Ian said: “She knows the words to almost every song. She just joins in and makes them up as she goes along.

“There are few more expressive singers than those who are nonverbal. Possessing limited vocabulary dams up feelings, particularly when what few words can be mustered often remain misunderstood or ignored.”


In the UK, current abortion law means that children can be aborted up to birth if they are diagnosed with a disability.

As a result, 92 per cent of those diagnosed with Down’s syndrome in the womb are aborted.

Earlier this year, Down’s syndrome campaigners launched legal action against the UK Government, saying the current law discriminates against unborn babies with the condition.

Heidi Crowter, who is leading the campaign with her mother Liz, told the Victoria Derbyshire programme that the law left her feeling “unloved and unwanted”.

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