Scottish council hosts drag queen event for babies and toddlers

A Scottish council has hosted a drag queen story time for young children, despite the local MP calling it “totally inappropriate”.

Moray Council invited ‘Miss Lossie Mouth’ to entertain babies and toddlers at Elgin library.

The performer, John Campbell, is a teacher and deputy head at a secondary school in the Highlands.

‘Totally inappropriate’

Ahead of the event, Scottish Conservative leader and MP for Moray, Douglas Ross, said it was “totally inappropriate to hold a show like this for kids under the age of six”.

Ross raised the concerns with the council on behalf of his constituents, saying: “Story time for babies and young kids shouldn’t focus on gender or sexual identity.”

“totally inappropriate to hold a show like this for kids under the age of six”

But a council official defended the event saying it believes “our fun, lively and joyous celebration of reading and self-expression is a suitable way to encourage confidence in our young readers”.

Marion Calder, Director of the For Women Scotland campaign group, said drag queens are “overly-sexualised” stereotypes and that the event was “completely inappropriate and unnecessary.”

‘Full-blown drag’

Earlier this month, New Mills School in Derbyshire made an about-turn on plans for its “Drag ‘n’ Rainbows” themed non-uniform day to mark Pride month.

The secondary school had encouraged “all students of all genders to wear something rainbow or colourful”, including “going all out in full-blown drag”.

The event was cancelled following a backlash from parents and staff.

The House of Commons Education Select Committee Chairman, Robin Walker, expressed his concern that teachers are going “beyond what most people would see as reasonable” during Pride month.

‘Challenge heteronormative culture’

In April, the UK’s biggest teaching union encouraged schools to invite more drag queens and LGBT authors in an effort to challenge the “heteronormative culture and curriculum that dominates education”.

Members of the National Education Union voted to support ‘LGBT initiatives’ in schools, as well as to encourage schools to set up LGBT spaces and clubs.

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