Scot Govt under fire for ignoring women and religious groups in push for self-ID

Women’s groups and religious organisations have blasted the Scottish Government’s decision to ignore them when considering proposed self-ID legislation.

MSPs have been accused of breaking their manifesto promise to “work with trans people, women, equality groups, legal and human rights experts” in formulating legislation to reform the Gender Recognition Act, as it excludes women and consults exclusively with radical trans groups.

Proposals for making changing legal sex much easier include removing the need for applicants to provide any medical evidence, reducing the two-year waiting period to three months and even allowing those as young as 16 to legally alter their birth sex.


A Freedom of Information request revealed that Shona Robison, minister in charge of the reforms, has met with five Scottish Government-funded trans lobby groups. However, no feminist or religious group critical of the move has been granted a meeting.

Women’s rights group For Women Scotland (FWS) has accused the Scottish Government of breaking its own best practice rule, which states that it should “consider the full range of people, business and voluntary bodies affected by the policy” and “should facilitate scrutiny”.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, FWS Director Trina Budge labelled the Scottish Government’s actions “undemocratic”, adding: “It is clear the Government recognises any amendment is deeply unpopular with the electorate and yet seems determined to bulldoze it through Parliament regardless.

“The continued closure of Parliament to the public and extension on the ban on large meetings or protests at Holyrood is further designed to hamper any opposition. We remain gravely concerned about what the future holds for women in Scotland.”

Against public opinion

Last year, several polls revealed that the Scottish Government’s planned reforms are unpopular with the Scottish public.

In December, a poll of more than 1,000 over-16s in Scotland found that 71 per cent opposed self-identification for changing gender.

And in September, a poll of 2,003 adults found that only 13 per cent viewed reforming the Gender Recognition Act as an urgent priority.

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