‘Men should be allowed to erase sex crimes if they say they are women’

A transgender offender wants to change the law so that his criminal record does not reveal that he was born a man.

The man, who goes by the name Helen, was convicted of “importuning as a man” while working in a club in the 1970s and 80s.

The offence has since been rebranded “soliciting”. He says the old term reveals his gender history to any future employers.


His lawyer and Unlock, a charity for people with criminal records, say the law should be changed as it risks drawing attention to transsexuals.

People who have legally changed sex have a Gender Recognition Certificate, and are entitled to have their biological sex kept secret.

A women’s campaign group says changing the law would create a “huge loophole” which would allow rapists to erase their crimes following transition.

Legally, rape can only be committed by a man.


The Government is currently consulting on how to make it easier for people to legally change sex, which could include allowing ‘self-declaration’.

If the law was changed in both of these ways, it could allow rapists to have their crimes erased simply by declaring themselves to be a woman.

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