Schools, Police and NHS have all received ‘trans training’ from controversial group Mermaids

The controversial trans-activist group Mermaids provided over 140 training sessions to organisations and individuals during 2020-21.

This included 59 sessions for schools, ten to NHS Trusts and two to police forces.

The LGBT group’s income has jumped over recent years, from just over £127,000 in 2017 to £1.85 million in 2021.


Mermaids also delivered training sessions to fourth year pharmacy students at Sussex University.

Professor Kathleen Stock OBE, a senior academic at Sussex, recently resigned after being harassed for expressing her belief that men cannot become women.

Mermaids has been ridiculed for showing police officers in a training session a gender identity ‘spectrum’, with a Barbie doll at one end and a G.I. Joe toy at the other.

Another slide told them: “Your Sexuality is who you go to bed with. Your Gender Identity is who you go to bed as.”


Last month, the new podcast ‘Nolan Investigates: Stonewall’ discussed the widespread influence of Stonewall on national governments and institutions, revealing findings from an 18-month investigation.

BBC journalists Stephen Nolan and David Thompson sent Freedom of Information requests to various public bodies, asking for details of their involvement in Stonewall’s ‘Diversity Champions’ programme and its Workplace Equality Index.

Public bodies pay upwards of £2,500 plus VAT to subscribe to the LGBT lobby group’s scheme, which rewards employers for promoting LGBT ideology inside and outside of the workplace.

During the podcast, Nolan said: “And we’ve found examples, where government is essentially paying Stonewall to lobby it. Yes. You’ve heard that right. I’ll say it again. Lobbyists, being paid by the people they are lobbying, to lobby.”

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