BBC presenter warned reporting on Stonewall could affect his ‘career and safety’

A BBC presenter has revealed that senior staff within the corporation warned him not to report on Stonewall and transgenderism as it could affect his “career and safety”.

Stephen Nolan, who recently produced a podcast on the issue with journalist David Thompson, said that “really seasoned people” at the BBC told him not to put himself “in the firing line”.

‘Nolan Investigates: Stonewall’ discussed the widespread influence of the LGBT lobby group on national governments and institutions, revealing findings from an 18-month investigation.

‘Fear factor’

Nolan said: “I’ve been broadcasting in Northern Ireland for 25 years with all the bullets and bombs, and I’ve had death threats” but he has “never had the volume of people warning me off” an issue.

He added: “There’s a fear factor of even talking about it. That’s not acceptable or healthy. Debating a subject should not affect your career.”

But he added that he had also received a “tsunami” of support, including from BBC senior staff.

In a leading article by The Times, the newspaper called Stonewall an “ideological bully” whose “grip over others must now be broken”.


During the podcast, Nolan observed: “We have spent months investigating the public bodies who have a relationship with Stonewall.

“And we’ve found examples, where government is essentially paying Stonewall to lobby it. Yes. You’ve heard that right. I’ll say it again. Lobbyists, being paid by the people they are lobbying, to lobby.”

Public bodies pay upwards of £2,500 plus VAT to subscribe to the LGBT lobby group’s scheme, which rewards employers for promoting LGBT ideology inside and outside of the workplace.

A BBC spokesperson stated: “We do not take legal advice from Stonewall and we do not subscribe to Stonewall’s campaigning.”

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