Schools and nurseries record ‘self-declared’ gender not sex

The Department for Education is under fire for recording children’s ‘preferred gender’ rather than their actual biological sex.

The national school census, which is carried out three times a year in schools and nurseries across England, collates information about children aged between two and 19 years old to inform future policies.

The census does not require the recording of biological sex. Instead, the guidance states that “individuals are free to change the way their gender is recorded”, and gender should be self-declared “to the wishes of the parent and/or pupil”.

Girls or boys?

Stephanie Davies-Arai, founder of parent group Transgender Trend, said: “The Office for National Statistics was legally challenged on exactly the same data collection and had to change it. The Department for Education should be aware of the law and aware of the ONS case.

“It means essentially they cannot distinguish between girls and boys and therefore monitor sex discrimination in schools. This is really serious.”

A Department for Education spokesperson stated: “As a result of the changing use of language in this area, and the evolving needs of the school population, the department is currently reviewing its data standards in this area.”


In Scotland, almost a third of local authorities have refused to roll out a controversial Government survey into the sex lives of young people.

Of Scotland’s 32 councils, ten have already refused to distribute the survey, with a further eleven still reviewing the suitability of its content. The Christian Institute has urged parents to write to their local councillors to express their opposition to the use of the survey in their own area.

The Scottish Government is pushing councils to gather information through its ‘Health and Wellbeing Census’, a survey that asks teens in years S4 to S6 shocking sexual questions, and primary school children intrusive questions about their home life.

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