Radical trans group supported by Prince Harry

A pro-transsexual group linked to damaging gender stereotypes and being on the “wrong side of science” has been supported by Prince Harry.

The Prince was thanked for his “unwavering support” by the Mermaids group, which his charity described as an “important” organisation.

Mermaids runs training sessions telling people that being ‘born in the wrong body’ is a physical defect which can be medically ‘fixed’.


According to The Daily Telegraph, Mermaids was invited to a meeting with Prince Harry and his Heads Together mental health charity.

Susie Green, who leads the radical gender ideology group and evaded UK restrictions to take her 16-year-old son abroad for ‘sex-change’ surgery, said she had been encouraged by his support.

The Royal Foundation, which Prince Harry helps to lead, also gave Mermaids its endorsement.

It called the group “one of a number of important organisations who are working on the frontline to support the mental health and wellbeing of young people in Britain”.


Mermaids runs training for public servants that asserts biological sex is on a spectrum.

In a slide shown to police officers a Barbie doll is on one end, with a G.I. Joe toy on the other.

One person mocked the presentation on Twitter, “to be more feminine I need a smaller waist, bigger breasts, a shorter skirt and longer hair? Am I reading it right?”

Newspaper columnist Janice Turner said the training session amounted to Mermaids being “clearly on the wrong side of science”.


Last year an ITV drama that relied on advice from Mermaids was criticised by the NHS’s gender service.

Butterfly told a story of a boy with gender dysphoria who at one point tries to commit suicide.

But the Gender Identity Disorder Service called the scene “not helpful”.

Stephanie Davies-Arai, who leads a parents’ group critical of gender ideology, said ITV made no effort to speak to those who are “not validating their child’s desire to be the opposite sex”.

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