Pro-lifers to host European euthanasia meeting in Scotland

Pro-life experts from around the world are gathering in Edinburgh next month for a symposium on euthanasia and assisted suicide.

The Care Not Killing Alliance, which campaigns against attempts to weaken end-of-life laws across the UK, is hosting the meeting.

The group says anyone who is “committed to opposing euthanasia and assisted suicide” is welcome.


Experts from Australia and Canada will speak as well as Dr Calum MacKellar, the Director of Research at the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics and Dr Peter Saunders – the CEO of the Christian Medical Fellowship.

The symposium, which will take place over three days, will consider the history of euthanasia in Europe, and look at upcoming issues in the area.

The meeting is from the 6-8 September at the Edinburgh Conference Centre and more information can be found here.


Last week pro-lifers welcomed a ruling by the UK High Court against a severely disabled man who wanted doctors to be allowed to kill him.

Lord Justice Toulson, who was sitting with two other judges, noted that the case was “deeply moving”, but it was not for the court to change the law in the area.

The judge also said: “A decision to allow their claims would have consequences far beyond the present cases.”

Dr Andrew Fergusson, from the Care Not Killing Alliance, said the ruling “confirms the simple truth that the current law exists to protect those without a voice: the disabled, terminally ill and elderly, who might otherwise feel pressured into ending their lives”.