Pressure for same-sex marriage in Scotland

A controversial campaign to legalise same-sex marriage in Scotland is being pushed for by both the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.

Meanwhile, a Scottish Roman Catholic Bishop has written to David Cameron warning that homosexual unions will never be accepted by the RC church.

Homosexual couples in the UK have been able to have civil partnerships since 2005.


But the Equal Marriage Campaign is calling upon the Scottish Government to fundamentally change the definition of marriage for everyone in Scotland.

The Campaign is also calling for religious and humanist celebrants to be able to officiate at same-sex marriages, and for transsexuals to be allowed to remain married after they undergo a sex change.

The Campaign’s supporters believe that Scotland could introduce legislation, with the cooperation of Westminster, allowing same-sex marriage unilaterally.

But because marriage law has implications for tax and immigration, the Scottish Parliament may not have the power to go it alone on this issue.


Critics say legalising same-sex marriage could cause a surge in litigation against those groups and individuals who hold to the traditional definition of marriage.

Faith based adoption agencies have already been crushed by ‘equality’ laws because of their ethical stance on homosexual conduct.

And schools may be forced to teach children that there is no moral difference between same-sex marriage and heterosexual marriage.


Last month David Cameron indicated that he was in favour of allowing homosexual couples to register their civil partnerships in willing churches.

But Philip Tartaglia, a Roman Catholic Bishop, has written to Mr Cameron criticising his statement.

In his letter the Bishop of Paisley said: “Your statement is vague enough to have more than one outcome in practice.

“But you and your Government need to be aware from the outset that the Catholic Church will not register civil partnerships nor celebrate same-sex unions: not now, not in the future, not ever, no matter what legislation or regulations your Government enacts or endorses.”


Earlier this week it was revealed that Simon Hughes, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, had predicted that full same-sex marriage will be legalised before the next general election.

Mr Hughes made his remarks in a video interview with Yoosk, a website on which users can question important public figures.

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