Pregnant actress credits abortion for her success

Golden Globe winner Michelle Williams has come under fire for saying her acting success is a result of previously choosing abortion.

In her acceptance speech, Williams, pregnant again, said: “I wouldn’t have been able to do this without employing a woman’s right to choose.”

Former abortion clinic director Abby Johnson was among a string of women to express deep sadness at the actress’s remarks.

‘Moral corruption’

Johnson tweeted: “How sad it must be to trade an innocent human life for a tiny golden statue.”

“How sad it must be to trade an innocent human life for a tiny golden statue.”

Joy Pullmann, editor of US website The Federalist, said: “Chiefly, it’s the underlying idea that human lives are a worthy trade-off for career achievement.”

She continued: “I can think of few stronger expressions of moral corruption than ‘This child must die so I can live as I please.’ Yet this is the tradeoff we are constantly told epitomizes women’s empowerment.”


President of the pro-life group Live Action, Lila Rose, suggested that Williams’s current pregnancy had not been an obstacle to her Golden Globes success.


More than 42 million abortions took place worldwide last year, making it the single largest cause of death in 2019.

Catherine Robinson, a spokeswoman for Right to Life UK said: “It is heart-breaking that a mother’s womb, which should be one of the safest places for any person, is one of the most dangerous places to be.

“In 2020, and beyond, we will be calling on the Government to urgently bring forward increased support for women with unplanned pregnancies to reduce the tragic number of abortions that happen each year.”

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