Abortion was the biggest cause of death in 2019

More than 42 million abortions took place around the world last year – the single largest cause of death in 2019.

Numbers compiled by independent statisticians reveal that over the past 12 months, 58.6 million people died from all other causes, leaving abortions responsible for around 42 per cent of all deaths.

The Worldometer organisation revealed that in comparison, deaths due to all illness, including cancer, accounted for around 21.2 million deaths – half that of abortion.


It is estimated that over a million abortions have taken place already in 2020 worldwide.

In England and Wales, abortion figures were at their highest in the last ten years in 2018, when more than 205,000 abortions took place. This is equivalent to almost one in four pregnancies ending in abortion.

Catherine Robinson, a spokeswoman for Right to Life UK said: “It is heart-breaking that a mother’s womb, which should be one of the safest places for any person, is one of the most dangerous places to be.

“In 2020, and beyond, we will be calling on the Government to urgently bring forward increased support for women with unplanned pregnancies to reduce the tragic number of abortions that happen each year.”

Planned Parenthood

In the US, abortion giant Planned Parenthood revealed in its latest annual report that it performed over 345,000 abortions between October 2017 and September 2018.

This does not include the almost 600,000 ‘emergency contraception kits’. Such drugs are often abortifacients, meaning they can cause an abortion if a woman is already pregnant.

The organisation, which received over $616 million in US federal funding over that period, referred just 4,379 women for adoption services.

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