‘Pray and vote’, Christians urged ahead of election

Christians are being encouraged to pray about the upcoming election, as well for the political response to Saturday’s shocking terrorist attack in London.

The Christian Institute’s Director, Colin Hart, encouraged believers to exercise their consciences as they vote on Thursday.

Read The Christian Institute’s Election Briefing 2017 and see your sitting MP’s voting record at christian.org.uk/election.

‘Difficult job’

Mr Hart said: “We live in troubling times. The terrorist attack on Saturday has cast a shadow over the final days before polling day.

“Our prayers are with the families of the victims and those being treated in hospital.

“Whoever forms the next Government will have a difficult job. There is no doubt that Islamic terrorism poses a fundamental threat to the British way of life.

“It is vital that the political response is focussed on the cause of these attacks – Islamism – and that Christian freedoms are not jeopardised.”


The Institute’s Director acknowledged that wisdom is needed to consider the many issues raised in the election campaign, a number of which are contained in Election Briefing 2017.

Following the multiple recent attacks in London and Manchester, he said that “we must be in prayer for the security services and the police, and for our nation generally”.

“Let’s pray for the defeat of Islamic terrorism and for God to protect the UK.”

‘Pray and vote’

Mr Hart also urged Christians to pray for:

• Politicians of real integrity, wisdom and courage will be elected;
• Our leaders will defend gospel freedom, so that people can be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth;
• The media will fairly report the issues of concern to Christians.

Finally, he encouraged supporters: “Let’s pray. Let’s vote.”

Watch a two-minute election message from Colin Hart:

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