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    Factual information about some of the policy positions of the main political parties on issues of concern to Christians.

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  • Check your MP’s voting record

    Use our MPs’ Votes database to see how your MP has voted on a range of moral issues.

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    If you do not know who your MP is, or which constituency you live in please use Parliament's "find your MP" service

  • Download your candidate QuestionCard

    Candidate QuestionCard Use these QuestionCards to get your candidates’ views on key issues of concern to Christians.

    Keep one with you and give another to a friend. Whenever you come across a candidate or their canvasser, ask them one or two of these questions.

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  • Read party manifestos

    Conservatives (PDF) Liberal Democrats (PDF) Labour (PDF) Scottish National Party (PDF)

    Plaid Cymru | Party of Wales – (Cymraeg, PDF) | (English, PDF)

    UK Independence Party (PDF) Green Party (PDF) Christian Party Christian Peoples Alliance