Portugal votes no to euthanasia

The legalisation of euthanasia has been rejected in Portugal, following opposition from the country’s medical professionals.

Lawmakers voted 115 to 110 against a measure to allow the practice. There were four abstentions.

The Portuguese Doctors’ Association had raised concerns that euthanasia would violate key principles of the medical profession.

‘No to euthanasia’

Prior to the vote, pro-life groups held protests outside parliament buildings in Lisbon.

They chanted “Yes to life, no to euthanasia!” and held posters with slogans saying: “We demand palliative care for ALL” and “Euthanasia is a recipe for elder abuse”.

The Portuguese Government is led by the Socialist Party with backing from the Greens.


Earlier this month, an attempt to legalise euthanasia was also defeated in Finland.

The Finnish parliament voted 128-60 against an initiative on the issue, but lawmakers did agree to carry out a comprehensive investigation into end-of-life care.

The measure would have allowed for euthanasia for people suffering from an “incurable fatal disease”, with death “likely to occur in the near future”.


This came shortly after politicians in Guernsey rejected assisted suicide.

Deputies on the island voted against looking into legalising the practice, after a passionate three-day debate.

However, a bid to investigate “measures necessary to improve quality of life and health outcomes for all islanders towards the end of their lives” was passed by 37-1.

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