Police want cannabis moved back to class B

Senior police officers have indicated their support for a tighter law on cannabis because of its strong links with crime and mental health problems.

The Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales argue that cannabis should be reclassified to “…send out a clear message – especially to the vulnerable and the young – that cannabis is illegal and can be dangerous.”

They say: “The downgrading to Class ‘C’ sent out the wrong message, unintentionally suggesting that cannabis was harmless and legal.”

The Government’s drugs advisors have been reviewing the law on cannabis since last year and is due to report at the end of April.

Since the drug was moved down to the class C bracket from class B in 2004, by then Home Secretary David Blunkett, mounting evidence of the harmful effects of the drug has led to repeated calls for it to be returned to the stricter category.

The BBC has reported that the Government’s drug advisors plan to tell the Prime Minister to leave the law as it is.

But Mr Brown has indicated that he is keen to reverse the change, and Whitehall sources have suggested that he will go ahead in spite of advisors’ recommendations.

The evidence rejected by the Government’s advisors:

There is a huge amount of evidence showing that downgrading cannabis to class C has been a disaster. Here is a selection from our news archive:

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