PM defies parents to back compulsory LGBT lessons

Prime Minister Theresa May has commended compulsory Relationships Education for primary school children despite parents’ opposition.

Writing for LGBT website PinkNews, she hailed the lessons as “a historic step forward” for the UK.

Although she recognised the policy has been “controversial”, she said “teaching all children about respect for difference is a core British value”.

‘Too young’

Last year, the UK Government published its four-year ‘LGBT Action Plan’, which introduced relationship lessons.

Earlier this year, parents began protesting against Birmingham’s Parkfield School for “aggressively promoting homosexuality” through its ‘No Outsiders’ programme.

Parents at other schools followed suit, saying that their children were ‘too young’ to learn about LGBT relationships.


Some parents said the lessons, which used books about children with same-sex parents, were “brainwashing” their children by promoting homosexual and transgender lifestyles.

And some complained that the lessons undermined their own family values and religious beliefs.

Parkfield Community School halted the LGBT lessons following parents’ protests, but now says it will run a modified version of the scheme called ‘No Outsiders for a faith community’ from September.

Parents say the new scheme is still “heavily biased towards LGBTQ” as it covers topics such as gender, gender reassignment and sexual orientation.

Not backing down

Parents of Acacias Community Primary School and William Hulme Grammar School in Greater Manchester also complained about proposed LGBT lessons.

The Prime Minister insisted the Government will not back down on the issue.

Relationships Education is set to be compulsory in all primary schools in England from 2020. Parents will have no right of withdrawal.

Relationships Education will be encouraged in schools from September 2019.

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