Parents withdraw 600 children from Birmingham school over LGBT lessons

An estimated 600 pupils have been withdrawn from a school in Birmingham after parents raised concerns that their children were being ‘brainwashed’ by LGBT lessons.

Parkfield Community School introduced its ‘No Outsiders’ scheme after the Trojan Horse scandal in 2014 to teach children about ‘British values’ and the Equality Act 2010.

Parents say the school is undermining their rights and “aggressively promoting homosexuality”.

Focusing on homosexuality

Assistant Head Andrew Moffatt, who is in a homosexual civil partnership, has been accused of using the sessions to promote his own personal beliefs on LGBT issues.

Mariam Ahmed, whose four-year-old attends the school, said: “What they are teaching is not right, they are too young. There are nine parts of the Act and they only seem to be focussing on one, homosexuality, and that is wrong.”

She added: “It’s not just because we are Muslims, there are Christians here too.”


Pupils at the school, aged between four and eleven, are reading books including ‘Mommy, Mama and Me’, and ‘King & King’ – stories about same-sex relationships.

One Dad, Abdul Ma, said: “This is a brainwash.

“We bring our children here so they can later work as a solicitor or a teacher, not to be taught about being gay or a lesbian.”

Razina Mahmood added: “This is nothing but indoctrination of our children.”


The ‘No Outsiders’ scheme will be limited to equality assemblies this term, and every parent will be consulted before lessons resume.

It comes as the Government plans to introduce new compulsory relationships education, which could include teaching about same-sex couples and transgenderism.

Amanda Spielman, Chief Inspector of Ofsted, previously attacked the parents over their stand saying: “The essence of democracy is we don’t always get our way.”


Last year, an estimated 110 children were removed from a school in London on the day of an LGBT celebration.

Headteacher of Heavers Farm Primary School in Croydon came under fire from parents for seeking to hold an LGBT parade.

Parents expressed similar concerns that their children were too young to be taught about homosexuality and transsexualism.

However, headteacher Susan Papas insisted that she did not need to “seek consent from the parents”.

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