Planned Parenthood Missouri clinic prevented from performing abortions

Planned Parenthood has been blocked from performing abortions at a Missouri clinic after it was found to be unsafe for women.

The state currently requires abortion providers to have in-house doctors who are able to admit patients to a nearby hospital if necessary.

A judge said that these protections are not “undue” burdens for women seeking abortions.

No evidence

The abortion giant has been unable to perform abortions since October last year, but in December asked if it could be exempted from state law so the clinic in Columbia, Missouri could resume them.

Brandon Hill, a spokesman for Planned Parenthood, claimed the ruling was trying to “push sexual and reproductive healthcare out of reach for people across Missouri”, complaining that women would have to drive much further for an abortion.

But Judge Brian Wimes stated that this was not enough of a burden to rule in the clinic’s favour.

Planned Parenthood did not provide any evidence it had tried to find any doctors able to admit patients.

Faith-based care

This comes as the US Department of Health and Human Services announced that taxpayer-funded family planning services will no longer be allowed to refer women for abortions.

The move could remove millions of dollars from abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood and grant it to faith-based care providers instead.

Critics have vowed to challenge the Trump administration’s plans to clamp down on abortion referrals in court.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of pro-life group Susan B Anthony List, said the Government’s multi-million dollar family planning programme “was not intended to be a slush fund for abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood.”

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