Peru: 1.5 million march against trans ideology in schools

Peruvians have forced their Government to back down on controversial changes to the school curriculum.

The Peruvian Government has reversed its decision last year to introduce the term ‘gender identity’ to schools.

According to reports, 1.5 million people protested the decision under the banner “Con mis hijos no te metas” – ‘Don’t mess with my kids’.

‘Gender identity’

Last year, Peru’s Government introduced a curriculum which talked about ‘gender identity’. It claimed the move was about the equal rights of men and women.

The 2016 curriculum also described the importance of defending “reproductive rights” – seen by many as shorthand for abortion.

According to news agency ACI Prensa, after an outcry over the change the Government withdrew its revised curriculum and reinstated an earlier model.

On the 10th of September last year, over a million Mexicans attended nationwide rallies calling for marriage and the family to be protected from politically-correct ideology.

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