‘People praying at an abortion clinic saved my son’s life’

A woman who was due to have an abortion has revealed that she had a change of heart after hearing Christians pray outside the clinic.

In a blog post for Save The Storks, a US pro-life charity, the anonymous woman explained how at 20 years old and unmarried she became pregnant.

She believed she had “no other choice but to have an abortion” until the pro-life Christians helped her.


On the day of her appointment, she arrived at the clinic to find Christians gathered outside praying the Lord’s Prayer.

No-one was yelling at me or making me feel guilty

“I was broken. This wasn’t what I wanted to do, but I was afraid. I was afraid of losing the life I had and scared of the embarrassment this pregnancy would bring for myself and my family.

“But the people outside of the clinic changed my mind. No-one was yelling at me or making me feel guilty – these people earnestly wanted what was best for me and my child”, she said.


She confessed that she was still fearful for her future but added; “I also gained a peace I can’t explain.

“I knew the child I was carrying and the life it would lead would outweigh any embarrassment or shame I felt. I knew it would be worth it all.”

She concluded, “my life was changed and my son’s life was saved because of these people that God placed outside of the abortion clinic that day.”

Her son Liam is now almost 10 years old.

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