NHS England endorsement of trans ideology ‘harmful to vulnerable children’

NHS England has been criticised for backing last week’s International Pronouns Day (IPD) by a parents’ campaign group.

Transgender Trend, a group of concerned parents who challenge radical gender ideology, said the move would “normalise the idea that biological sex isn’t real”.

The group was particularly concerned that NHS England used its Instagram account to promote the views of transgender activist Eddy Phillips.

Trans badges

In a blog post on NHS England’s website, Phillips advised that staff publicly display their ‘preferred pronouns’ in accordance with their ‘gender identity’.

Phillips claimed using preferred pronouns “shows an understanding that assumptions cannot and should not be made about gender” and “makes me feel safe to bring my whole self to work”.

NHS staff were encouraged to wear name tags created by the activist, declaring: “Hello, my name is… and my pronouns are…”.

Biological sex

Transgender Trend said Phillips’ message would “normalise the idea that biological sex isn’t real and young people can choose to be a boy or a girl based on their feelings.

“The harms of this ideology are in plain sight.

“NHS should be aware of the vulnerabilities of young people & this should not be promoted as ‘kind’”.

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