New music video aims to change perceptions around Down’s syndrome

Parents of children with Down’s syndrome have recorded a music video to help change perceptions of people with the condition.

Wouldn’t Change A Thing is a new single performed by The Bitterati with Anya Frankland. Children and young adults with Down’s feature in the accompanying video.

It was launched by a support group of the same name as part of its latest campaign for Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month in October.


Clare and Simon Frankland produced the video for their seven-year-old daughter Neive, who has the condition.

Speaking to the BBC, Simon said: “Often people paint a bad picture about disabilities, but we’ve found it’s actually enlightened our lives.”

On why they produced the video, Clare explained: “Because I think if everyone’s honest, myself included, I’ve felt uncomfortable around some form of disability in my life.

“And I think as well it’s important as parents to talk to your children about that, and don’t just say to them ‘Don’t stare, it’s rude.’ Actually talk to them and say ‘What is it you want to know? What do you want to talk about?’

‘People first’

The parents hope the video will encourage people to learn more about the condition.

Clara Chilton, a friend of Neive who also has Down’s syndrome, appeared in the video too. Her mum Liz said it was “a really amazing experience”, and that the children involved “absolutely loved it”.

“People with Down’s syndrome are people first, they are a person. We laugh every single day with Clara, she brings us so much joy and happiness”.

At risk

Currently, it is legal in the UK for an unborn child with Down’s syndrome to be aborted up to birth.

In Britain, more than 90 per cent of the unborn who are diagnosed with the condition in the womb are aborted.

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