Mum: I’m no bigot for opposing my daughter wanting to become a boy

A mother says she is deeply concerned for her 17-year-old daughter who wants to ‘become a boy’.

Instead of being “ignorant or a bigot”, as some claim, the American mother is worried that her teenage daughter is making a major decision that will turn her into a ‘permanent medical patient’.

Using a pseudonym to protect her daughter’s identity, Susan Nagel wrote, “after spending many sleepless nights researching the transgender movement, I have come to be very afraid for my daughter”.

Dramatic change

The teenager has been urging her parents to allow her to use testosterone, as well as change her name and use male pronouns.

Within weeks of declaring her views, the girl went from being a “generally cheerful person to a morose one who spent hours crying”.

Nagel has numerous reasons to oppose radical surgery, including concerns about major health risks.

She highlighted a long list of medical warnings that she said people must sign when taking testosterone. These include concerns about breast cancer, diabetes, and liver inflammation.

Suicide ‘coaching’

Nagel also questioned evidence linking children not ‘transitioning’ with suicide.

She revealed that teenagers are being “coached” on social media to use suicide as a “bargaining chip” with their parents.

Describing herself as socially liberal, and noting that she does not think “being transgender is immoral or that gender diversity is disturbing”, Nagel insisted that she was doing the best for her daughter by resisting such radical changes.

Psychological abuse

Last month, a leading paediatrician warned against teaching children harmful transsexual ideas, saying it profoundly confuses them.

Michelle Cretella, President of the American College of Paediatricians, said the promotion of transgender ideology in schools is “psychological abuse” that often leads to physical mutilation.

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