MSP: Govt’s unscientific ideas on gender causing ‘irreparable harm’ to children

The Scottish Government risks damaging children’s lives with harmful transgender ideology, an MSP has said.

Murdo Fraser accused Ministers of abandoning “evidence-based, scientific policymaking” in favour of “fashionable” ideas.

The Scottish Government has proposed controversial changes which would allow people to legally ‘change sex’ by self-identification after just six months, without any need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

‘Irreparable harm’

Writing in The Scotsman, the Conservative MSP said Holyrood has “abandoned evidence-based, scientific policymaking in favour of a fashionable ideology” and that as a result “we risk doing irreparable harm to the lives of hundreds of children”.

Fraser also questioned the role of children’s charities and agencies, asking: “Are they so terrified of being labelled as transphobic that they are refusing to become involved while children’s lives are being damaged?”

He concluded: “Surely, with a whole chorus of voices from the worlds of science, medicine, and across the political spectrum being raised urging caution, it is time that the Scottish Government now followed suit?”

The consultation on the Scottish Government’s proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act 2004 closes on 17 March.


His calls add to those urging Nicola Sturgeon to abandon the controversial plans, including many voices from her own party.

One of the First Minister’s former advisers, Kevin Pringle, called for the SNP’s gender recognition Bill to be delayed until after the next Holyrood election, fearing the divisive issue risks damaging the Government.

The SNP Women’s Pledge, a group of party members and supporters who disagree with the proposed change, said last week they are being “silenced with threats of violence” and left “very much out in the cold”.

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