MP: ‘Conversion therapy Bill must not push kids towards irreversible harm’

It would be “sheer foolishness” to introduce a ‘conversion therapy’ law that prevents parents from protecting their children from radical gender ideology, a Conservative MP has warned.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Miriam Cates urged the Government to permanently drop its delayed draft Bill banning ‘conversion practices’ when “appalling practices” such as physical abuse are already outlawed under existing law.

She warned that if the Government bows to activists’ demands, parents could be criminalised for not supporting their child’s desire to use puberty blockers. In the Australian State of Victoria, “not affirming someone’s gender identity” is now deemed illegal under conversion therapy legislation.

‘Stonewall charter’

The MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge called it “unthinkable that a Conservative government could import a ‘Stonewall charter’ into criminal legislation purely to appease activists. The law is the foundation of our fundamental freedoms. It must never be used for political virtue signalling.”

sheer foolishness to bring in a law that could prevent parents and doctors from protecting children from making irreversible choices

She said: “From the ongoing scandal of the Tavistock clinic to the discovery that schools – still without government guidance on how to handle issues of gender identity – have been socially transitioning children, it is increasingly clear that children need to be protected from radical gender ideology.

“Against this background, it would be sheer foolishness to bring in a law that could prevent parents and doctors from protecting children from making irreversible choices.”

‘LGBT blasphemy law’

Last week, The Christian Institute reiterated its readiness to take legal action against the Westminster Government if it brings in a conversion therapy Bill that impacts everyday religious practice.

The announcement came in response to press speculation that the Government is to move ahead with a draft Bill banning ‘conversion practices’, after many commentators predicted the Prime Minister would drop the highly controversial plans.

The Institute’s Deputy Director for Public Affairs Simon Calvert highlighted activists’ demands, saying: “The leading activists on this issue – those the Government is trying to placate – are quite clear that they want it to target conversations and ideas they don’t like.

“They want a kind of LGBT blasphemy law. This is profoundly illiberal. Jayne Ozanne says she wants ‘gentle non-coercive prayer’ to be criminalised as part of this Bill. But it is obvious to most people that gentle non-coercive prayer is not conversion therapy.”

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