Conversion ban champion: ‘Parents are the problem’

A leading UK proponent of a ‘conversion therapy’ ban has accused parents of being “the problem” when it comes to dealing with their gender-confused children.

Jayne Ozanne made the shocking remarks in an interview with ‘The Gathering Podcast’, a platform which promotes LGBT theology.

Ozanne, 54, a member of the Church of England General Synod, also told the podcast that her “biggest concern” is that “religious practices” such as prayer will not be covered by the Government’s proposed ban on ‘conversion practices’.

Parents the problem

The prominent LGBT activist has previously described affirming the Bible’s teaching on sexual morality as “homophobia” and demanded that “gentle, non-coercive prayer” falls within the scope of a new anti-conversion law.

Asked in 2021 whether she wants to ban praying with someone, at their request, about remaining celibate, she said: “Yes, because it is damaging”.

In this latest interview, responding to Government caution on a ban including gender-confused children as well as adults, she complained that parents are allowed to have “the upper hand here”, before adding: “parents most of the time are the problem, not the solution”.


Expanding on her wish to target the ordinary work of churches, she shared her concern that prayer would be excluded from the proposed ban with “weasel words to allow those practices because they’re seen as, ‘well, It’s only prayer’.”

“They’ve talked about how everyday religious practice and private prayer will be allowed. Well, that is the main form of conversion practices.”

Singling out Christian group Evangelical Alliance, Ozanne also claimed that where organisations tell members “they have to go ahead with trying to transform people” a criminal offence is needed to “hit them hard”.

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