Male soldiers can use female accommodation under trans policy

The Ministry of Defence has come under fire for encouraging male soldiers who claim to be women to access female-only accommodation and facilities.

The ‘Policy for the Recruitment and Management of Transgender Personnel in the Armed Forces’ states that “as soon as the transition process begins the person” should use the accommodation, toilet and changing rooms “appropriate to their affirmed gender”.

Although it says “consideration should be given to providing greater privacy” in such situations, it emphasises that under “no circumstances should a transgender person be expected, after transitioning, to use the facilities” of their biological sex.

Safe spaces

Sarah Atherton MP, who served in the military, warned that “predatory men” will be able to use the policy to carry out “abhorrent behaviour”.

She said: “Having done extensive work around women in the Armed Forces, I am fully aware of the extent of sexual abuse that has gone on and continues to go on. Women need to have secure accommodation where they feel safe.”

Helen Joyce, Director of Advocacy for women’s group Sex Matters, added: “This is a court case waiting to happen. I hope a claimant comes forward – a woman denied safety and privacy by the prioritisation of men’s identity claims over women’s rights.”


Although it has been reported that those who feel “uncomfortable” in such situations can have their concerns raised in the chain of command, one woman told The Daily Telegraph she has previously been ignored.

She claimed that she was told not to worry because “it’s not an issue as you can tell who are predators”.

According to The Telegraph, the policy will be analysed as part of a wider review of the military’s diversity and inclusion guidelines.

Free speech

Last year, a reservist Army doctor investigated for defending biological sex on Facebook was formally cleared of wrongdoing.

Colonel Dr Kelvin Wright felt he had “no choice but to resign” after being investigated for stating “men cannot be women”, but an Army inquiry later confirmed that he had the legal right to express his beliefs.

The Colonel’s distinguished Army career included two tours of Afghanistan and, more recently, delivering medical battlefield training to Ukrainian soldiers.

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