Army inquiry backs war veteran’s right to free speech on biological sex

A reservist Army doctor investigated for defending biological sex on Facebook has been formally cleared of wrongdoing.

Colonel Dr Kelvin Wright felt he had “no choice but to resign” after being investigated for stating “men cannot be women”, but now an Army inquiry has confirmed that he had the legal right to express his beliefs.

The Colonel’s distinguished Army career included two tours of Afghanistan and, more recently, delivering medical battlefield training to Ukrainian soldiers.

‘Not unlawful’

The military’s final report stated that Col Dr Wright’s Facebook post may be seen by some as “disagreeable”, but was “clearly not unlawful”.

The Army can’t afford this blatant hostility to gender-critical service personnel

The war veteran welcomed the decision, but intends to make a formal complaint “to ensure that nobody can be put through the type of process I’ve just endured”.

He added: “The Army needs to attract all the talent it can; it can’t afford this blatant hostility to gender-critical service personnel.”

A spokesman for Free Speech Union, which assisted Col Dr Wright, said the matter “should never have been taken seriously”.

Arts Council settlement

Last week, Denise Fhamy received a formal apology and won compensation from her former employer – Arts Council England (ACE) – after a tribunal found she had been harassed at work over her gender-critical beliefs.

‘trans women’ are men who think they are women

According to the Leeds Employment Tribunal judgment in June, Fhamy was subject to hostility and intimidation at ACE for publicly challenging a statement which labelled homosexual rights group LGB Alliance as ‘transphobic’.

The judgment declared that Fhamy’s beliefs – that biological sex is fixed and that “‘trans women’ are men who think they are women” – were protected under the Equality Act 2010.

Fahmy said: “Following my successful claim for harassment in the Leeds Employment Tribunal against Arts Council England we have reached agreement.”

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