Losing teen son to ecstasy like having a ‘limb ripped off’

The mother of a sixteen-year-old boy who died after taking ecstasy has spoken of her immense pain and heartbreak.

Fiona Spargo-Mabbs compared the loss of her son Daniel to “having a limb ripped off without any anaesthetic”.

Struggling to read her victim impact statement in court she said: “It is like having an enormous wound but it is much worse.”


Daniel died from multiple organ failure three days after taking the illegal drug MDMA, more commonly known as ecstasy.

He had purchased the drug along with five friends before going to an illegal rave in west London.

Harrowingly, Mrs Spargo-Mabbs said that his last words to her before setting off were: “Love you Mum. Promise I won’t die.”


Nicqueel Pitrora, the 18 year old man who sold Daniel drugs was jailed for five years for being concerned with the sale of MDMA.

He was also handed a sentence of two years and four months to be served concurrently for the supply of cannabis.

Outside the court, Superintendent Des Rock said: “I hope that he will reflect on the devastation that he has caused”.

Fell apart

Mrs Spargo-Mabbs spoke of the moment he died saying: “We were all with him. I was holding his face because it was all I could really hold that was still living.

“I held him for what seemed like ages. But then I had to let go. At that point our lives fell apart completely.”

Earlier this year Kathy Gyngell, a leading researcher, warned that politicians who support softer drugs laws are ignorant of the facts.

She said: “In these newly competitive times, the last thing this generation need is a drugs legalising experiment foisted on them by ageing libertarians.”

The European Drug Report 2014 said that the number of deaths from drug overdoses in the UK is more than double the European average.

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