Lib Dems adopt radical gender ideology in new ‘transphobia’ definition

The Liberal Democrats have said that calling someone who identifies as transgender “biological man” or “biological woman” is ‘transphobic’.

The party also said that enforcing sex-specific facilities such as toilets would also be included in its new definition.

The announcement came just days before Equalities Minister Liz Truss confirmed that the Government was dropping plans to allow change of legal sex by self-identification.


The new definition draws on the work of radical gender ideology groups Stonewall and TransActual UK, and will be put into effect through the party’s disciplinary processes.

Stephen Daisley, a columnist for The Spectator, called the new definition “imprecise”, arguing it “could prohibit advocacy of certain women’s rights” and be used to silence opposing views.

“Bothersome women used to get stoned, now they get Stonewalled.”

He blasted the Liberal Democrats for adopting “a definition of ‘transphobia’ that effectively silences women who have the wrong opinions about ‘gender identity'”.

“Bothersome women used to get stoned, now they get Stonewalled.”


Daisley went on to say the new definition means any contrary beliefs or voices would be seen as “incompatible with membership of the Liberal Democrats”.

“Progressives are so unnerved by debate and democracy that instead of pursuing political change through persuasion, they are trying to enforce a radical orthodoxy via law, institutional capture, social pressure and even intimidation.”

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