Liam Fox: most people don’t want marriage redefined

Redefining marriage against the will of the majority “will not be socially acceptable”, former Defence Secretary Liam Fox has warned.

Dr Fox’s comments were made at a fringe event at the Conservative Party’s annual conference last week.

He said: “To ask the majority to change how they define marriage because of what a smaller number want will not be socially acceptable and is likely to undo a great deal of the tolerance that has actually come to the fore in recent decades and that would be a great pity.”


Dr Fox told delegates at last week’s fringe event that he is not personally opposed to same-sex marriage.

However, he has previously suggested that redefining marriage is a priority for the “metropolitan elite”, but not the “vast majority of the public”.

The Prime Minister is committed to introducing same-sex marriage by 2015, despite widespread opposition.


More than 600,000 people have signed a petition, organised by the Coalition for Marriage, urging the Government to scrap the plans.

Last week hundreds of people gathered at a fringe event in support of traditional marriage at the Conservative Party conference.

The event included speeches from Lord Carey, Ann Widdecombe and David Burrowes MP.


Miss Widdecombe, a former Conservative Minister, delivered a rousing speech and turned the tables on those who brand traditional marriage supporters “bigots”.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey warned that introducing same-sex marriage would deepen divisions within society “without giving gays a single right they do not have in civil partnership”.

And David Burrowes, the MP for Enfield Southgate, called for the divisive issue to be put to a public vote.