LGBT staff ‘massively over-represented’ at BBC

More than eight per cent of employees at the BBC identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, new figures have revealed.

The general population representation stands at around two per cent. The disparity for transgender employees alone is even more marked.

The figures, released by The Times, follow an Ofcom report into diversity in BBC radio.


Of the BBC’s 21,239-strong workforce, 786 are gay men, 206 are gay women, and 365 are bisexual.

Almost one in 50 of the corporation’s staff identifies as transgender, but in the general population, only one in every 14,000 people has legally changed sex.

The BBC’s submission to Ofcom disclosed that “all BBC buildings must provide non-gender specific toilets and changing rooms” to accommodate transgender employees.

These gender-neutral toilets are in addition to existing male and female toilets already installed.

Politically correct

The Christian Institute’s Deputy Director Ciarán Kelly said the news was further evidence of the BBC’s “obsession with political correctness”.

He said: “If the BBC was as concerned with accurately reflecting the UK population as it claims to be, they would be actively recruiting Christians.

“Such voices are in very short supply in their offices, while those pushing radical agendas on gender and sexuality are massively over-represented.

“It may be an improvement on last year, but a lot more needs to be done if they want to properly reflect British society.”

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